YouTube is one of the commonly used apps. This app got popular because of the features it provides. YouTube has made lives easier. It has many such features that were needed by everyone. Such as learning a new skill free of cost from YouTube is now a piece of cake. It has benefited people in many different ways. 

To stretch the interest of users, a modded version of YouTube has developed, called YouTube Vanced. YouTube Vanced has many such features that can’t be seen in the original version of YouTube. Similarly, to entertain iOS users with advanced features, YouTube Vanced iOS has been introduced. Unfortunately, this app can not be installed from the App Store. It can be downloaded through the web by following some steps.

youtube vanced ios

Youtube Vanced IOS

It has many incredible features that an iOS user should definitely try. In this article, we will discuss some cool and advanced features of YouTube Vanced for iOS devices. After reading this article, the next thing you’ll do is that you will install this app. Without any further ado, let’s begin with the features.

Ads Blocker

We must say this one is going to be your favorite. This feature allows you to block unnecessary ads which are no doubt feel annoying. Installing YouTube Vanced on your iOS device will benefit you as it will let you watch your videos peacefully. No need to worry about the ads as YouTube Vanced will block them automatically. So now you can enjoy watching your videos without any interruption.

Background Playback

Before the modded version of YouTube, everyone wants to play a YouTube video along with other apps. But it was impossible in the original version of YouTube. YouTube Vanced once again won everyone’s heart with its incredible features. You can now play a YouTube video outside the Youtube app. This option can also be found in the premium version of the original YouTube. But it will cost you some money. And the good news is that YouTube Vanced is free.

Youtube Vanced IOS Auto Repeat Feature

It is another excellent feature that will melt your heart. Youtube Vanced allows you to repeat your favorite videos again and again. This feature is an obvious choice for music videos. However, it depends on you; repeat a video of your choice. You can repeat a video automatically over and over. It can be used for any videos.

Toggle Theme

If you want something new for your iOS YouTube wall, you should try YouTube Vanced iOS. It has some incredible and attractive color themes. YouTube Vanced has a few color themes that will boost up your mood. It has a dark mode as well, which is being a favorite of many people. It also offers a few other colors to attract users. Watching a YouTube video in such a color theme feels so soothing to the eyes.   

Use Gestures to Control

Increasing or decreasing volume, brightness can be done by swiping on the screen. You can also pinch the screen for zooming in or zooming out effects. This feature will help you a lot while watching a video on a full screen, as there will be no need to minimize the screen to increase or decrease the volume or brightness.